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Child custody

Unmarried mom to toddler twins,their dad wants them to visit the house he shares with his family ,including a alcoholic brother ,they grow Marijuana on the property and the alcohol and Marijuana is always left around the house within the children's reach . The dad has a short temper and sees the toddlers as disrespecting him when they talk back to him or don't listen to him and make a mess ,he constantly hits their heads and ears for them to listen .one of my kids now has severe ear problems because of this ,and when I confronted him about it his family Says the kids needs to be disciplined properly and taught manners . My question is how do I go about getting legal assistance where he is only allowed supervised visits with my kids . Their dad and his family believes in corporal punishment and says fhe kids aren't to young to be taught manners . How can I as a mother truly trust that my kids are safe in their dads arms and space

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