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Unfair Suspension

I was suspended from work on the 24th November, and when I was told I'd been placed on suspension, I was given absolutely no formal notice of the suspension, I was given no reason for the suspension and was given no time frame for the suspension. For an entire week I heard nothing from my place of business, I was not told what the procedure pertaining to my suspension is and what was expected of me for preparing myself for any sort of disciplinary action/hearing. I eventually decided to email both the director/owner and my GM/Ops manager, to get some sort of information or direction on the status and reasons for this action being taken against me. I received a response a day later from the owner, but no answer to my question about the suspension, reasons or time frame. I then message my GM privately, to which I was told that I would receive all appropriate information by close of business, but got nothing. I then whatsapped him again to follow up, I was given a short response with the two reasons for my suspension, and told to go in and collect my documents pertaining to the suspension. I went in and got the 1 page document, telling me I have a hearing, keeping in mind this all happen a week after being suspended and asking for information. And on this 1 page document, the reason for my suspension was completely different from what my GM had told me. And to add to that, I was given no opportunity at the time of my suspension to dispute this, I was also given no written reasons for this and no evidence to prove any of the accusations. Is this unfair and if so how do I go about handling this without creating more tension between myself and my company? I am my hearing on the 05/12,

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