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Confused: 13th Cheque


I have a appointment letter from my employer stating that mt annual salary will be increased to R420 000.00 including 13th cheque. It further states that "A thirteenth cheque is payable in December and will be calculated on a pro-rata basis, paid by the discretion of company approval processes and your assessed performance."

I find the above a contradiction and would like it explained to me. Why would the employer include the 13th cheque in the Total Cost To Company and then in the same breath say the 13th cheque will only be payable by the discretion of the company and my performance. At the current moment my monthly salary is R420 000/13. This does not make sense, as the 13th month (13th cheque) is directly deducted from the Total Cost To Company and NOT additional payment one can base on performance. My argument is, if it was performamce based then it should not have been included in the Total Cost To Company.


Am I correct or is this the way it is normally done.






Hi there. It is not possible to comment on this matter without having sight of the employment contract and other relevant written communication from the company. Take the documents through to lawyer for advice...

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