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late salary payment and unlawful deductions

Hi my name is Tumelo and I work for a one man business registered as a close corporation. In 2010 April I got employed by this company as a general manager since I was running my own company and the owner needed a general manager to run his business, looking at the economic meltdown at the time I accepted the offer and one of the conditions was I stop doing business in my old company and focus on his business which it went well for the first six months although I was not happy with administration and some of the operational activities of the company. In December last year 2010 I requested to have my RIP5 to see if tax and any other legal statutory levies where paid under my name since I only got paid 65% of my salary and I haven’t even had a salary advise from my employee since employment and every time I requested he will tell me that it is not how he works with his top management since it is expensive to include them on the vip payroll stytem due to their rate of payment. I ask for my salary in full to have everything and pay for myself but till today I have been told that if I am not happy I can leave because he then own cannot be questioned by me. I find this disturbing and frustrating since I have left my own company to close to work with this company but only to find out I am being paid late around the 5th or even the 10th of every month while my contract with the company states that I have to be paid on the 25th of every month. I have debit orders that bounds every month and I have to pay interest all the time.


I have been with the company since last year may and today I mark a year in the company without a salary advise, but my money is not paid in full, I have been paid late, and I am under treat of loosing my job should I speak. What can I do and how do I recover what is due to the tax man when I have only my contract and banking statements to show what was paid to me and what is owed to the tax man. I have also been told in December that because the company hosted an event in the rural areas where our boss comes from that we have lost lots of money and as the results we have to take a salary cut for three months but since then I have been the only one with the salary cut and not everybody in the office and when I ask I am told how do I know that since everyone is treated the same but that is not true his friend who is working with us is being paid in full while I suffer. I want to take this matter forward but I am afraid to lose my job and loose what is owed to the tax man and I end up owing the tax man without any income. Can you please help me?  



Labour Protect


You need to contact the department of Labour immediately and address this matter with them. Ask to speak to a labour inspector who will further assist / advise you.

Contact the SARS so as to enquire what is happening on that front.

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